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Sonntag, 24. Dezember 2017

DOTNF in december 2017

History happened today

"Nacktschneckendisco/Miniaturen" by Die Godots/Pierre Godot is out now. Each album has 19 Tracks, which means you'll get 38 Tracks with 90 Minutes of Godot music.

"Nacktschneckendisco" ist a co-work of the 1982 Pierre Godot (instrumental background) and the 2017 Pierre Godot (lyrics and vocals), while "Miniaturen" is a collection of seven new (2017) and some older (since 2011) tracks by the elder Pigo.

It is not part of DOTNF because Pierre Godot publishes it via bandcamp.com. I have to mention it here because of the historical relevance. It's part of the DIY Krautpunk scene of Hamburg-Harburg 1979-1984.

hang on,

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