• Dance On The Noise Floor ist ein Netlabel das Creative Commons Mediendateien per Internet unentgeltlich zum Download anbietet.

  • Dance On The Noise Floor is a netlabel that distributes creative commons media files via Internet to download for free.

Sonntag, 2. Juli 2017

DOTNF in july 2017

Label Credo - MP3's and JPG's are just sound and colour: a copy of 1 aspect; kinda merchandising stuff. Concerts and exhibitions are live and original: unique and uncopyable because of 1000 aspects; real life.

The Music Cassette - ...once has been the libertarian mass medium for a cultural movement. The chassis of a tape reel and it's case also can be used as support mediums for acryll colours. The magnetic reel itself produces accidential art, if it is old and once recorded with an uncalibrated tape deck. - Three good reasons to create art with MCs. But this is private. I don't sell these tapes. It's just an inspiration for you. Save the cassette!

How to dance on the noise floor - Download the DOTNF loadettes just for the few cents of your computers electricity and spend your money for concerts and exhibitions.

R.o.l.f. = Rolling on laughing floors, the dotnf maker, Hamburg 2017.


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